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UArts Libraries Lenape Resources: Welcome

A black and white image of Lake Lenape, Delaware Water Gap

Image of Lake Lenape, Delaware Water Gap, from Library of Congress collection

This guide highlights a selection of resources available from University of the Arts Libraries focusing on the Lenape people. University of the Arts recognize and acknowledge the land on which UArts stands as the ancestral homeland of the Lenape, a territory known as Lenapehokink (for the full UArts Land Acknowledgment, please visit the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility webpage).

This guide in no way aims to be a full representation of materials on the Lenape, but rather aims to highlight a selection of materials available through UArts Libraries to any UArts community member wishing to know more about the Lenape. Suggestions of materials to be added to this resource, as well as suggestions for additions to library holdings, may be made by contacting UArts Libraries. All suggestions will be reviewed by appropriate library staff to ensure materials are germane to our library collections. 

The majority of the resources included in this guide were kindly suggested by Chief of Education and Tribal Storykeeper of the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania, Adam Waterbear DePaul. We very much thank Chief Waterbear for his help in building this guide!

We hope you enjoy exploring this guide and learning about the Lenape.

A map spanning from Maryland to New York of Lenape languages and tribes

From Wikimedia Commons