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University of the Arts has helped further the education and creativity of thousands of students who have passed through its halls and the halls of its predecessors since its founding in 1876. Many of our alumni have changed the face of art, music, and dance through their accomplishments and influence. While it is impossible to list the impact of every UArts alumni, the purpose of this guide is to provide information on a small number of these notable alumni and reveal the importance and influence of University of the Arts.

This page is always under active construction. If you have questions please see our University Archives page.

UArts Name Change History

1870: Philadelphia Musical Academy (PMA) founded¹

1876: Pennsylvania Museum & School of Industrial Art (PMSIA) founded. Museum is now Philadelphia Museum of Art; school is UArts College of Art, Media & Design (CAMD)²

1877: Philadelphia Conservatory of Music (PCM) founded¹

1883: Philadelphia Textile School joins PMSIA²

1938: PMSIA becomes Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Art²

1944: Philadelphia Dance Academy (PDA) founded¹

1949: Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Art becomes Philadelphia Museum School of Art (PMSA). Philadelphia Textile School separates from Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Art, is now Thomas Jefferson University.²

1959: Philadelphia Museum School of Art becomes Philadelphia Museum College of Art (PMCA)²

1962: PCM merges with PMA; continues under PMA name¹

1964: Philadelphia Museum College of Art becomes Philadelphia College of Art (PCA); separates from Philadelphia Museum of Art.²

1976: PMA becomes Philadelphia College of the Performing Arts (PCPA)¹

1977: PCPA absorbs Philadelphia Dance Academy¹

1985: PCA and PCPA join to form Philadelphia Colleges of the Arts³

1987: Philadelphia Colleges of the Arts becomes University of the Arts (UArts)³


¹ performing arts

² visual arts

³ UArts

Further information on UArts name changes

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